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1. Adolfo Horta, boxing
2. Adolfo Luque, baseball
3. Agustín Marquetti, baseball
4. Alberto Juantorena, athletics
5. Alejandro Oms, baseball
6. Alfonso Urquiola, baseball
7. Amarilis Savón, judo
8. Ana Fidelia Quirot, athletics
9. Ana Ibis Fernández, volleyball
10. Ángel Herrera, boxing
11. Anier García, athletics
12. Antonio Muñoz, baseball
13. Antonio Pacheco, baseball
14. Ariel Hernández, boxing
15. Armando Capiró, baseball
16. Armandito Martínez, boxing
17. Braudilio Vinent, baseball
18. Conrado Marrero, baseball
19. Daniel Núñez, weights
20. Dayma Beltrán, judo
21. Débora Andollo, immersion
22. Diadenis Luna, judo
23. Driulis González, judo
24. Kid Chocolate, boxing
25. Elvis Gregori, fencing
26. Emilio Correa, boxing
27. Enrique Cepeda, discapacitado
28. Enrique Figuerola, athletics
29. Estela Rodríguez, judo
30. Félix Savón, boxing
31. Filiberto Azcuy, wrestling
32. Germán Mesa, baseball
33. Guillermo García, ajedrez
34. Héctor Rodríguez, judo
35. Héctor Milián, wrestling
36. Héctor Vinent, boxing
37. Iván Pedroso, athletics
38. Iván Trevejo, fencing
39. Javier Sotomayor, athletics
40. Joel Despaigne, volleyball
41. Jorge Gutiérrez, boxing
42. Jorge Hernández, boxing
43. Jorge Luis Valdés, baseball
44. José de la Caridad Méndez, baseball
45. José Ariel Contreras, baseball
46. José Antonio Huelga, baseball
47. José Estrada González, baseball
48. José Gómez, boxing
49. José Raúl Capablanca, ajedrez
50. Juan Hernández Sierra, boxing
51. Juan Luis Marén, wrestling
52. Lázaro Rivas, wrestling
53. Lázaro Vargas, baseball
54. Legna Verdecia, judo
55. Lily Izquierdo, volleyball
56. Lourdes Gourriel, baseball
57. Luis Giraldo Casanova, baseball
58. Luis Ulacia, baseball
59. Maikro Romero, boxing
60. Manolo Poulot, judo
61. Manuel Alarcón, baseball
62. María Caridad Colón, athletics
63. Mario Kindelán, boxing
64. Maritza Martén, athletics
65. Marlenis Costa, volleyball
66. Martín Dihigo, baseball
67. Mercedes "Mamita" Pérez, volleyball
68. Mireya Luis, volleyball
69. Odalis Revé, judo
70. Omar Ajete, baseball
71. Omar Linares, baseball
72. Orestes Kindelán, baseball
73. Orlandito Martínez, boxing
74. Oscar García, fencing
75. Pablo Lara, weights.
76. Pablo Romero, boxing
77. Pedro Natilla Jiménez, baseball
78. Pedro Luis Lazo, baseball
79. Rafael Fortún, athletics
80. Ramón Fonst, fencing
81. Raúl Cascaret, wrestling
82. Raúl Diago, volleyball
83. Regla Bell, volleyball
84. Regla Torres, volleyball
85. Roberto Balado, boxing
86. Rodolfo Falcón, swimming
87. Rodolfo Puente, baseball
88. Rogelio García, baseball
89. Rolando Garbey, boxing
90. Santiago "Changa" Mederos, baseball
91. Sergio "Pipián" Martínez, cycling
92. Sibelis Veranes, judo
93. Silvio Leonard, athletics
94. Taimaris Agüero, volleyball
95. Teófilo Stevenson, boxing
96. Tulio Díaz, fencing
97. Víctor Mesa, baseball
98. Wilber Sánchez, wrestling
99. Wilfredo Sánchez, baseball
100.Yumilka Ruiz, volleyball

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